The  Sir Samuel Kelly Project aims to restore this famous Lifeboat and house her in a new Heritage Centre.

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SSK 19 27 Feb 2019 Nearly finished

The new shelter aims not only to reduce the destructive processes of weathering that jeopardise the boats future, but also create a new public interpretation space for the town to raise the profile of the longer term project and exhibit the wider maritime heritage of Donaghadee.  

The boat will be sheltered in its present location, orientating the Kelly towards the Irish sea towards the site of its many rescues including that of the MV Princess Victoria Disaster. 

The new structure takes reference from the form and scale of traditional boat sheds but allows the Kelly to be displayed in a beacon-like structure through a delicate play of structure and translucent cladding. This creates a new public space highly visible from the town’s community centre and linked to the popular walking route between the harbour and the commons. It is proposed that this welcoming new space can be used by the local community for events, and during the lifeboat festival.

Architects Fraser Bell and Michael Collins have supported the Sir Samuel Kelly Project Team through the design of the new shelter and the longer term plans for of a heritage centre of Donaghadee. 

Project Funds

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Building of Shelter (COMPLETE)

Stage One aims to raise funds to enable Donaghadee Heritage Preservation Company to build a temporary shelter for the Sir Samuel Kelly Lifeboat.

Boat Refurbishment

Stage Two aims to raise funds to refurbish the boat.

Heritage Centre

Stage Three is the goal to build a Heritage Centre to house the fully refurbished Sir Samuel Kelly Lifeboat as well as other exhibitions.