About The Company

Donaghadee Heritage Preservation Company is a company limited by guarantee registered in Northern Ireland no. NI 635831 and is a registered charity in Northern Ireland. Charity no. 105987

The registered office of the Company is at 21 New Road, Donaghadee BT21 0DR, telephone 028 9188 8667, email: companysecretary@donaghadeeheritage.com

The Company was incorporated on 15 January 2016.  Its financial year runs from 1 January to 31 December. 

The objects of the Company are:
the advancement of education, the promotion of heritage and culture and the promotion of the benefit of the inhabitants of Donaghadee and its environs by the conservation, rehabilitation, restoration, improvement, maintenance and protection of the Sir Samuel Kelly Lifeboat and in particular:

(a) to acquire, protect, restore, preserve, promote and exhibit for the public benefit the Sir Samuel Kelly Lifeboat and other boats, forms of transport, historical artefacts, ancillary equipment and property of historical and educational interest;

(b) to establish, maintain and manage a museum and educational resource centre for the acquisition, restoration, preservation, archiving and public display of artefacts and documents of educational, historical and cultural interest and other items illustrating the history and heritage of the Sir Samuel Kelly Lifeboat and associated memorabilia;

(c) to advance education and encourage appreciation on all matters relating to Donaghadee and the history of the Sir Samuel Kelly Lifeboat through exhibitions, workshops, lectures and other forms of educational medium.

(d) to advance any other exclusively charitable purpose as the directors may from time to time decide, in accordance with the law of charity.

The Company inherited the Sir Samuel Kelly restoration project from the previous voluntary association.

The Company will hold an Annual General Meeting in February or March each year at which the annual report and accounts will be presented and Directors will be appointed or re-appointed.  Only those who are registered as Members are eligible to vote at the AGM (see Membership for details).


If you wish to view our Memorandum of Association, please get in touch.

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The Directors

Kenneth Walsh (Chair)

Kenneth Walsh (Chair)

Shirley Cochrane, Alan Couser, John Caldwell, Jack McComiskey and Wesley Martin.